Reuters: Corel, Intel to launch cheap Linux PC

“Canadian software maker Corel Corp., chip maker Intel Corp.,
and unnamed hardware manufacturers are collaborating on a line of
cheap personal computers that would run on the Linux operating
system, unconfirmed reports in a Toronto newspaper said.”

“The Globe and Mail first reported on Thursday that Corel, maker
of WordPerfect Office and the CorelDraw graphics suite for Windows
and Linux, was in talks on the project with Intel and hardware
manufacturers — possibly the PC Chips Group of Cos of Taiwan,
which already works with both Intel and Corel.”

“On Friday the newspaper said PC Chips Group had confirmed it
was in talks with both Intel and Corel. It also quoted Intel as
saying it was not actively involved in talks on such a Linux

“An Intel-backed computer running on Linux would be a direct
challenge to Microsoft Corp.’s long-standing relationship with

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