Reuters: Microsoft Unable To Duplicate Video Claim

Microsoft “was embarrassed for a third day running in its
antitrust trial Thursday when it acknowledged that it had failed in
an attempt to duplicate a computer test called into question by the
government earlier this week.”

“The software giant had won permission from the trial judge to
do the test again after suffering two days of embarrassing gaffes
over showing a flawed video of the test.”

“Microsoft said it could not get a consistent connection with
the Internet to do the test. It was also supposed to do the test in
the presence of government lawyers and computer experts but said it
had barred Justice Department officials from entering the room
while the computers were set up”

“Each time we connected we got a different performance rate, a
different sized pipe,” said Tod Nielsen, a Microsoft official. “So
it would have been unfair to either side to compare, you know, one
machine at one rate with another machine at another rate.”

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