Rocky Mountain News: Open season on Linux

“Linux Weekly News, an online newsletter focused on the
alternative, open-source operating system, was purchased last week
by TUCOWS.com, a software distributor and domain-name wholesaler
based in Toronto.”

“Launched two years ago by programmers who met in 1980 as
undergraduates at the University of Colorado, Linux Weekly News
attracted 1.4 million page views last month. The newsletter’s
acquisition makes it part of a site that bills itself as one of the
Net’s largest distributors of open-source software….”

“Consolidation is happening because a lot of money is starting
to come into the field,” said Jonathan Corbet, a Linux Weekly News
founder and primary contributor. “Linux had been characterized
for years by a collection of small companies doing their thing. Now
they’re trying to become big companies and other big companies are
trying to establish a presence in this area.