ServerWatch: Is Red Hat Professional 7.3 a One-Size Fits All Linux Solution?

“Linux distributions range from the free downloadable versions
to the $700 secured ‘locked down; server versions that come with a
full set of server applications. The Red Hat Professional 7.3
distribution lies squarely in the middle, with an excellent
installer, good server applications including the 2.4.18 kernel,
Apache 1.3.23-9, glibc 2.2.4 C language library, the Cups print
server, and some great productivity software, including the KDE
version 3.0 application suite, and StarOffice.

“Red Hat Professional 7.3 is packaged on nine CD ROMs and comes
with a system administrator’s survival CD.

“We tried installing Red Hat Pro 7.3 on several systems, and it
installed without problems every time. The installer lets you
select a version for a workstation, laptop, server or a custom
installation. The installer detected a portable on the two
portables we installed it on, and it didn’t have problems with any
of the video cards, NICs, or storage subsystems in the other three


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