SF Gate: The Open Source Poet – Andrew Leonard is a writer among coders

I’ve come to talk about Leonard’s latest book-in-progress,
which only exists on-line, and is currently called The Free
Software Project. But Leonard, characteristically, only wants to
talk Linux.

“Because Leonard’s influence stretches so far across the open
source world, I had already heard this relatively obscure tale
about Salon’s NT computer crashes (too many people trying to access
that Henry Hyde story), and Leonard’s subsequent push for a switch
to Linux. Bob McMillan, editor-in-chief of Linux Magazine had
brought it up at a press conference several months ago.”

“Along with Salon’s managing editor Scott Rosenberg, Leonard is
responsible for creating what is possibly the world’s first
technoculture think-tank, where engineers work alongside writers to
make high technology useful and elegant, complicated but
accessible. And Leonard’s advocacy of free, open source software
gives this think tank its moral imperative.”

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