SGI: Announcing IRIS Performer 2.3 Beta 1.0 for Linux

“We’re very proud to present to you the first public release of
the Mongoose project, IRIS Performer 2.3 Beta 1.0 for Linux. This
release comes to you after much development work by the IRIS
Performer team and has been tested on a variety of Pentium-based
systems running Red Hat Linux 6.0. Please see our web site for all
the details and downloads…”

IRIS Performer 2.3 Beta 1.0 for Linux is fully
API-compatible with existing IRIS Performer applications and is a
full distribution, including the core run-time libraries and file
loaders, development header files, sample source code, and manual
This is a BETA release, so we expect bugs to be found
and we welcome your input as we continue our work in preparation
for the final release. This Beta release is primarily intended as a
usable development and porting platform and we will use your
feedback to make changes for the final productized version of IRIS
Performer 2.3.”