Slashdot: Inprise/Borland Developers Conference Linux Nuggets

“I just got back from the Inprise/Borland Developers
Conference in Philadelpha, where some results from the recent
survey–as well as some actual products–were announced.”

“With all this Linux stuff going on, there were a dozen or more
Linux-oriented sessions at the conference; quite a change from last

“Delphi team had to get their hand in. They did not make any
announcements; in fact, they made it quite clear that they have not
yet decided what to do. However, they did give out some results
from the developer survey: The most interest is in Delphi, followed
closely by C++Builder; the vast majority want a full RAD
environment, not just traditional tools; native GUI support is by
far the winner…’

“Following these announcements, they did a demo of what they’ve
been working on so far.”

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