Slashdot: Interview: Corel CEO Michael Cowpland Answers

“At The Bazaar, I asked you if you recommended to your customers
that they install Red Hat Linux as their server OS, and you said
“Yes.” Is this still Corel’s stand, or are you moving toward the
server market as well?”

“Cowpland: Corel’s Linux focus has always been on the
desktop. Our goal when we created Corel LINUX OS was to take the
rock solid Debian distribution and KDE desktop and build an easy to
install and simple to use Linux distribution for desktop users that
would act as a platform for our applications
Office 2000 for Linux and our graphics suite for Linux). That is
still our focus – and providing a distribution that non-technical
users would be comfortable with was key to bringing our
applications to Linux. We have made a few partnership announcements
in the past few days with Newlix and O/E One, but these
partnerships are part of our core competency – creating
user-friendly applications and GUI. Newlix is creating a server
that will run Corel LINUX OS – we are building the GUI. O/E One is
building information appliances that will be based on Corel LINUX
OS and use our user-friendly interface. Certainly configuration for
Samba and other server tools are available in Corel LINUX OS as
they are in other distributions, but we want to maintain our focus
on the desktop and provide a clean, easy experience for our