Slashdot: Report From The Mozilla Developer Meeting

Just over two years ago, the Mozilla project was launched,
with the ambitious goal of creating an open-source,
standards-compliant browser.
The continual progress since then
has resulted not just in impressive software for end users (both
the Mozilla browser and the Mozilla-based Netscape 6.0) and a
flexible base for some intriguing developments, but also in the
forging of a hard-working, creative community of developers.
Correspondent David Cassel sat in on the Mozilla Developer Meeting
this weekend; here is his report.”

“About 50 people packed into the Sputnik conference room at
Netscape yesterday. Around 12:30 Mike Shaver and Alphanumerica’s
David Boswell kicked off the meeting. “Hopefully, this’ll be the
first in a series,” Boswell announced. “Annually is ridiculous,” he
told me later. “I’d like to see it happen every three or four
months …” The two sounded the theme that Mozilla development was
happening — whether people were aware of it or not.”

“At one point, Dave Sim from the O’Reilly Network said “I’ve
learned more in the last hour and a half than I have in the last
two years.” Mike said that was the problem: their story that wasn’t
getting out. “What is the story?” Sim countered. “What is the big
picture?” Shaver said the real problem is there are lots of
stories. Yes, there’s users that want to use Mozilla as a
full-blown application — but there’s also people who want to
develop applications for the Mozilla platform, with others
focussing on interoperability. “The platform story is one of the
best things about what Mozilla does.”