SmallOffice.com: The HOC 100

Submitted by James

Home Office Computing’s 12/98 issue includes the HOC 100. The
“Wait Till Next Year” section includes a paragraph on Linux.

“Tabloids and talk shows often end the year with psychics’
predictions for the one ahead, but we thought we’d close the
inaugural HOC 100 Awards with some educated guesses about the
products you’ll be reading about in these pages one year from

“A Linux office suite that bundles the freeware operating system
with a foolproof, automated disk-partition and installation
utility, as well as a Web browser, e-mail, and productivity kit
(Corel WordPerfect Suite, perhaps?). It won’t cause homeworkers to
flee from Windows 98, but it’ll be a pleasant surprise for a

– the Linux mention is at the very