SmartInst v1.2 – install program wrapper

As posted to C.O.L.A.

        SmartInst 1.2-0

What is SmartInst
  SmartInst is another install program wrapper for the MIT, X/Open,
  GNU, BSD install program. Now when you do 'make install' you are
  no longer left wondering what on earth got deployed in your system
  and where. Obviously you need to know these things if you are
  to keep your system clean and not forget pieces of packages during
  upgrades etc.

  It keeps a record of which objects (files/directories) got
  created and installed, you can later query which installs you
  have made and what do they contain, even repackage them.

Problems fixed
  * None reported or discovered =)

  * Improved installation records, now we can catch most runaways
  * Support a user domain in addition to the system domain
  * Added a NoOp option to recreate records of tar packages that
    were installed before SmartInst
  * Create a tar file out of the installation record

More Details
  FTP: ftp://ftp.iae.nl/pub/users/grimaldo/smartinst-1.2-0.tar.gz
  URL: http://www.iae.nl/users/grimaldo/smartinst.shtml
  FreshMeat Record: 917209047
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D. Emilio Grimaldo T.
URL:  http://www.iaehv.nl/users/grimaldo/