Solaris vs. Linux Debate Continues

Linux Kernel Monkey Log: A Rebuttal of a Single Sun Misinformed

“Ah, so I read the comments that Eric Schrock had about why Sun
doesn’t want to help with Linux kernel development, and as a Linux
kernel developer I thought I would attempt to address his major
points, and explain as to why Linux developers feel this way. It’s
still early in the morning for me, so this might seem a little
disorganized, but what the hell…


Schrock: Rebutting a Rebuttal

“Sigh. It’s one thing to believe in sound engineering values,
and quite another to develop them as an integral part of your OS .
I’m not saying the Linux doesn’t care about these things at all,
just that they’re just not a high priority. The original goal of my
post was not ‘our technology is better than yours,’ only that we
have different priorities. But if you want a technology comparison,
here are some Solaris examples…


Linux Kernel Monkey Log: A Continued Discussion with a Sun
Developer, Round 2

“That being said, I’d first like to address his closing comment,
which was regarding my comment about Linux not going anywhere:

“For some reason, all Linux advocates have an ‘us or them’
philosophy. In the end, we have exactly what I said at the
beginning of my first post. Solaris and Linux have different goals
and different philosophies. Solaris is better at many things. Linux
is better at many things…”

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