SRO: Giving Back, Flush with IPO cash, VA Linux stays true to its open-source roots

“VA Linux, the Linux hardware vendor and high-tech stock
darling, is staying true to its open-source roots by opening
SourceForge, a free online program repository and portal for
open-source developers.”

“SourceForge, still emerging from a seven-week beta period,
offers open-source developers more than just a data repository for
the “official” version of their code and online forums. Services
like these have long been available via ftp sites and Usenet
newsgroups. Indeed, it was from just such universally available Net
resources that Linux itself sprang….”

Despite the “Linux” in VA Linux’s name, SourceForge isn’t
limited to Linux projects. Any and all legitimatize open-source
projects are welcome, regardless of their target operating
Whether an open-source program runs on OpenBSD,
Palm or even Windows, so long as it’s an open-source program it’s
game for SourceForge.”