LinuxWorld: TclPro 1.3 pays off for heavy Tcl users

“Free software products like the Linux operating system and Tcl
scripting language are now important and valuable enough to spawn
their own commercial add-ons. One such is the TclPro “development
environment,” which promises to multiply the productivity of
professional programmers. But does it fulfill that promise?”

“Tcl (Tool Command Language) and its GUI sidekick Tk (Toolkit)
have been available in one form or another for more than a decade.
John Ousterhout originally designed Tcl as a freely available
embedded command language when he was a professor at the University
of California at Berkeley. Over the past decade Ousterhout, now
chief executive officer of Scriptics, has nurtured Tcl into a
formidable standalone scripting language that rivals the likes of
Perl and Python. One of its great strengths is its platform
independence: Tcl code can run virtually unchanged on platforms as
diverse as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and most every version of
Unix, including, of course, Linux….”

So what is TclPro? TclPro is a development environment that
Scriptics created to make it easier to develop and maintain robust
applications that use the Tcl language.
TclPro is actually a
suite of tools: a debugger, a static analyzer, an application
“wrapper,” and a byte compiler. In addition, it comes with an
enhanced version of the standard Tcl distribution that incorporates
many of the most popular Tcl extensions.”