Ssystem 1.5: an OpenGL Solar System simulator

Submitted to c.o.l.a. by Raul

Ssystem is an OpenGL Solar System simulator. It will let you
visit the Sun, the nine planets and a few major satellites (catalog
based background stars are also supported) with four different
camera modes. Although it’s not 100% accurate, planets’ positions
in a given date are within a range of the real positions (Dates
closer to 8/20/1997, date of primary elements, are supposed to be
more accurate).

New in version 1.5:

* Smart texture handling (high-res maps on 3dfx cards, maps larger than
  texture buffer and grayscale maps detection)
* Textures update
* Brighter Stars labels
* On the fly star brightness control
* FOV control
* More performance improvement (about 20%)
* Primitive framerate control  (see command line options section in README)
* Configuration file. This will let you use your own elements, define new
  bodies, easily add rings and initialize parameters (demo mode, local time,
  detail level, data directory, ...).
* Current planet trail
* Ability to save screenshots
* A few accuracy bugs fixed

Ssystem 1.5 is available now from: