Summary of Written Testimony of Microsoft Witness Paul Maritz

“Linux is rapidly emerging as a major competitor to Windows.
Indeed, “the number of developers working on improving Linux vastly
exceeds the number of Microsoft developers working on Windows NT”
(see page 84). Intel and Netscape recently invested in Red Hat, one
of several companies offering a version of Linux. A range of
leading software vendors, including IBM, Corel and Netscape are
creating applications to run on Linux. As Netscape’s Mark
Andreessen indicated a few months ago, the combination of Netscape
Communicator and Linux could be the software that unseats Windows.
Meanwhile, leading computer manufacturers, including Apple, Sun
Microsystems, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, IBM and Hitachi are now
offering, or have announced that they soon will offer, computers
with Linux preinstalled.”

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