SunWorld: Tcl + Java = A match made for scripting

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this link. ]

“Latest releases of Tcl Blend and Jacl simplify development
and maintenance of Java-based applications”

“Many savvy Java programmers get their best results by
harnessing Sun’s object-oriented programming language in
combination with the Tcl scripting language. The announcement this
month of the final iteration of Tcl Blend and Jacl, both in version
1.2.5 makes, it timely for SunWorld to update its 1997 report on
the original releases.”

“The lead developer for Tcl Blend and Jacl has collaborated with
one of SunWorld’s scripting specialists to present this tutorial on
Tcl Blend and Jacl. The examples here demonstrate the effective
teamwork possible between Tcl and Java.”

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