SysAdmin: The All Linux Office

Linux is the low-cost, high-powered Internet serving
environment that is being adopted by many companies as their server
room operating system, and that’s all its good for. This popular
sentiment is changing as more people are watching the growth of the
Linux desktop with a close eye.
Projects like GNOME (GNU
Network Object Model Environment) and KDE are providing the base,
while companies like Corel and StarDivision are providing the
applications. This combination offers the user a familiar
drag-and-drop, window-based desktop in addition to the stability of
Linux. The remote manageability and native Internet Protocol
support gives administrators more time to really focus on their
other jobs: reading news and playing Quake. This article provides
an overview of how to set up an all Linux office that’s compatible
with users’ expectations….”

“Linux distributions have a decided advantage over other
operating systems when it comes to managing the software that is
installed. The reason for this advantage is the Package Manager.
Many administrators who like a fine amount of control over their
software do not like package managers for the wrong reasons. They
think that packages have to come from the vendor. The best part
about package managers is the ability for the local administrators
to build their own local, pre-configured packages.”