Technocrat.net: Patent Issued for Natrificial’s “The Brain”

“Natrificial… has had a patent approved for their “Brain”
technology. It sounds like they are attempting to lock up the
market for dynamic mindmap-type interfaces. If this stands it’s
a very bad thing, IMHO. This is an area that is just starting
to open up, and a patent like this has the potential to stifle
ongoing and future interface innovation.”

“According to Natrificial’s press release, dated March 7, the
patent covers The Brain’s interface which “allows any piece of
information to be linked and accessed from multiple locations
within the interface – giving users the ability to retrieve and
navigate data by association”.”

“I use the Brain, I like it a lot. But I really, really, don’t
want Natrificial to own a patent that will ultimately prevent or
hinder similar dynamic linking interfaces from being developed. If
that’s what the patent is going to amount to it has the potential
to impact the development of computer interfaces in a very negative
way, far exceeding the damages that might be caused by the types of
e-commerce related patents that Amazon has been awarded…”