technofile: Solving the Windows dilemma, Part 1: Common-sense choices

“…If you’re fed up with the way Windows misbehaves or if
you’re exasperated at the way Windows invites viruses into your
computer, you don’t have to jump ship. You can fix some of the
problems of Windows yourself.”

“…5. Install an alternative operating system in place of

Pros: Bye-bye to Microsoft, viruses and
crashes. You free up disk space that would have been needed for a
dual installation of Windows plus an alternative operating system.
You feel better about yourself.

Cons: You can’t run Windows software except
through emulation. (Linux will run Windows programs, but if you
really need to run more than two or three Windows programs you
should stick to Option No. 4. The BeOS will run some Windows
programs, maybe; the emulator does not work well yet.)

Summary: Life at the edge, minus Microsoft
madness. “


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