TechRepublic: Jack says get MicroEdge Visual SlickEdit 4.0 for Linux [Review]

“The installation of Visual SlickEdit is yet another breath of
fresh air for Linux users. You Windows migrants will have nary a
problem with this particular installation so long as you can mount
the CD-ROM drive (hint: mount /mnt/cdrom).”

“The Linux port of Visual SlickEdit consumes only a minimal
amount of resources and runs flawlessly on a 486DX with 32MB of ram
and 20MB of hard disk space (and that’s a full install!). VSE gets
away with such a minimal install because it relies on the
already-installed gcc compilers.

Being used to the Linux gcc compilers may or may not have had
any bearing on the simple joy I found in using VSE. From the
installation to the building of a simple project, the IDE was
efficient, intuitive, and, best of all, sound in design and

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