TechWeb: Microsoft Conduct Remedy Most Likely

“The ticklish process of crafting a remedy in the Microsoft
antitrust case begins in earnest next week when the government
proposes how competition can be returned to the PC operating system

“U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled April 3
that the software giant violated antitrust law by abusing its
monopoly, tying its browser to the operating system, and engaging
in anti-competitive practices. The Justice Department and 19
states weigh in with their proposed remedy by April 28. Microsoft
will counter on May 10. The government will rebut on May 17. And
Judge Jackson will convene a remedy hearing May 24.

“From accounts leaked to the press, the possibility that the
government may request a company break-up is remote, said William
Kovacic, George Washington University law professor. “But there is
still the possibility for some very ambitious conduct-oriented
controls,” he said.”