TechWeb: Start-Up Trumpeting New OS [PetrOS]

“Next month, Australian company Trumpet Software will
an alpha version of… PetrOS, designed to act as
a substitute for Windows 95/98 and NT… able to seamlessly run
32-bit Windows applications.”

“PetrOS’ main marketing advantage… is speed. Its kernel only
takes up about 100 kilobytes. … Trumpet will do all the
engineering and the code will be proprietary… The eventual cost
will be under $100 a copy…”

“Even if PetrOS gains a market, it could face another hurdle:
legality. PetrOS essentially emulates Windows… while Trumpet has
investigated the issue, it is not entirely sure about the legality
of such emulation under U.S. law. …Microsoft never pursued legal
action against another emulator, Connectix Virtual PC, …that let
people run Windows programs on their Macintoshes.”