Techweb: Survey Sees Rapid Deployment Of Windows 2000

Thanks to cranky for this link.

“Deployment of Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 2000 operating
system will be more rapid and more widespread than what Microsoft
and some analysts have estimated, according to an independent
survey of 1,300 IT professionals.”

“By Jan. 1, 2001, over 90 percent of business desktops will be
running Windows, and 40 percent will be running Windows 2000
professional, the research company said, concluding further that
adoption of Microsoft’s flagship platform may only take six months
to a year.”

“Research by Survey.com, formerly World Research, and the Palo
Alto Management Group, suggests a quicker uptake — a year or two,
not five years as has been suggested — in the adoption of the
long-awaited operating system.”

“Other findings fuel the notion the Redmond, Wash.-based
software giant will conquer the enterprise-business environment in
the same manner the Microsoft platform has dominated the desktop