Ted Ts’o: EXT4 Within Striking Distance Of XFS

“There’s just two months to go until the annual Linux.Conf.Au
conference, which in 2011 is taking place in Brisbane, Australia.
Ted Ts’o, the maintainer of the EXT4, will be speaking at the 2011
Linux.Conf.Au and he’s just shared his “money shot” from his
presentation about this evolutionary file-system building atop
EXT2/EXT3. New benchmarking results from HP’s Eric Whitney on a
large multi-core system indicate that “[EXT4 is] now within
striking distance of XFS.”

“This round of EXT4 file-system testing against XFS was not like
any of our many file-system benchmarks from a desktop or netbook /
notebook perspective, but was done with a 48-core AMD system with a
24 SAS-disk hardware RAID array providing a seven Terabyte volume
and 256GB of system memory.”