Terra Soft Solutions and Marathon Computer Join Forces

Fort Collins, Colorado-5 March 1999

Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., developer of Yellow Dog Linux for
Apple Macintosh G3s, today announced an exclusive agreement with
Marathon Computer, Inc., manufacturers of rackmount equipment for
Apple computers , to offer server racks in concert with YDL
Champion Server for Apple Macintosh G3s.

“We have formed a powerful alliance. Those in need of high-end
server solutions need look no further than the Yellow Dog Linux
website: the fastest hardware, the most reliable OS, and now smart,
industry standard rackmount equipment. We believe these are the
building blocks of tomorrow’s ISPs and development workstations,”
Kai Staats, CEO, TSS.

David Seymour, General Manager for Marathon Computer states,
“This is really exciting for us … an opportunity to offer a
robust combination of software and hardware and bring Apple into
the server rooms and labs. We’re pleased to be a part of this
unique venture.”

Until just recently, Apple hardware had not been considered a
serious platform from which to build mission critical servers, due
in part to “MacOS” as the only operating system made readily
available. YDL Champion Server was specifically developed to cause
a critical shift in what hardware System Administrators will
consider when replacing their Intel-based servers.

A good server may start with a powerful OS, but the next concern
is the safe housing, cooling, and ease of maintenance of the
hardware. A good rackmount case satisfies these requirements.
Staats continues, “Marathon has created an elegant solution for
Apple G3s that we will be proud to offer our customers.”

For more information about Yellow Dog Linux:

Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
(un)subscribe: http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/ydl_support.html

About Marathon Computer, Inc.
Marathon, based in Nashville, TN, is a manufacturer and distributor
of rackmount cases for Apple hardware, including: 8500s-9600s, Mac
clones, G3s, iMacs, and the new Blue & Whites as well as mounts
for monitors, keyboards, and drives. Their entire product line is
compliant with the industry standard for rackmount systems. More
information may be found at www.marathoncomputer.com.

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft, based in Fort Collins, CO, is the developer of Yellow
Dog Linux for Apple Macintosh PPC/G3 computers. Yellow Dog Linux
Champion Server, their flagship product, is a highly professional
distribution geared toward ISPs and developers. It is offered with
a printed book, unique binder, and portfolio case. Champion Server
is expected to ship by the end of March.