The 10 Most Popular DIY Wiki Projects

“In a 2005 interview with the BBC, World Wide Web inventor Tim
Berners-Lee referred to the rise of wikis, or “editable Web
spaces,” as meeting his original vision for a readable and writable
communications medium. The success of such a medium was already
apparent, as Wikipedia (only four years old at the time) had
already surpassed 750,000 English language articles and today ranks
among the highest trafficked websites on the planet.

“A major reason for the popularity of wiki-based websites is the
facility in which pages can be created, maintained and organized
even by individuals with no programming experience. Lowering the
technical barrier to entry increases the opportunity for
like-minded individuals to work together with the common goal of
creating high-quality documentation such as that hosted by Novell,
corporate intranets such as Intel’s Intelpedia, and
community-driven tutorials such as those found at DIYInfo.org.

“If you’re interested in deploying a Wiki for your own purposes,
you’re in luck because a great number of commercial and open source
solutions are at your disposal. In this article I’ll introduce some
of the most popular solutions, providing you with some background
from which you can continue your investigation.”

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