The Adrenaline Vault: Epic Games Gearing Up For PlayStation 2

[ Thanks to Mike Simos
for this link. ]

“Still, Epic is so intent on meeting this goal, Rein said it
would devote all its resources to this project. Programmer Brandon
Reinhart, who ported Unreal Tournament to Linux, will lead the

“Rein said Reinhart was so proficient in porting to Linux that
Epic is now able to compile both Windows and Linux versions of
Unreal Tournament from the same source code–this is no easy feat
and a bonus for engine licensees wanting to have their Unreal
Engine titles also run on Linux or other platforms. Epic is
optimistic that the PlayStation 2 version will also compile from
the same source code base.”

In retrospect, porting the Unreal Tournament client to
Linux was one of best things we could have done,” Rein commented.
“We were planning to do just the server code, but porting the
entire game gave us a new perspective on portability, just as
supporting Unicode gave us a new perspective on multi-lingual
Both of these turned out to be vitally important
features on the console side. We now view portability and
localization as two of our main strengths going forward and plan to
capitalize on them even more down the road. Our fully-integrated
user interface is another important weapon in our arsenal.”