The CVS Continuity Project

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What is the CCP?

The CVS Continuity Project is a group of present and former CVS
developers and people concerned with the future of CVS. We
organized quickly in the wake of Jim Kingdon’s announcement that he
would be leaving Cyclic Software to work at Red Hat. Our goal is to
ensure that that his departure from Cyclic does not derail the CVS
maintenance process nor the community resources Cyclic has been
providing up till now.

Why are we worried?

Cyclic Software (http://www.cyclic.com) has been
providing the CVS community’s de facto home Web site for
some time, as well as repository space and mailing list services
for the CVS development team (a group which has no official
connection to Cyclic Software, though there is some membership
overlap between the two). Although Cyclic was a for-profit outfit,
their Web site was always more of a community resource than a
purveyor of corporate propaganda, and has long been recognized by
CVS users as the first source for CVS-related information.
Likewise, Cyclic’s download site (http://download.cyclic.com/pub)
is widely known as the canonical place to find new releases of

It would be a Good Thing if these resources could continue to
serve the public, from the same DNS addresses, even if Cyclic
Software ceases to exist as a for-profit corporation.

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