The Fog of War and a Ray of Light

“As regular readers will have noticed, I haven’t blogged in
awhile. This is in part because I’m on the road for most of six
weeks, but also because the news about OOXML continues to be both
more predictable as well as more intense. At some point, the single
events of the day become less individually meaningful, because they
are simply part of the same fractal pattern that has replicated
itself over and over since September of 2005, when Massachusetts
adopted ODF, putting document standards on many powerful companies’
strategic maps. Since then, that pattern has spread dramatically,
engulfing more companies, affecting more National Bodies in more
countries, and invoking more campaigning on both sides. Only rarely
is something now written or said that cuts through this fog of war.
A few days ago in South Africa, someone did just that, and that’s
what I’ve written about today…”

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