The Haus: Freeciv: a Free Civilization for Unix

[ Thanks to Joe
for this link. ]

“To me, “strategy” means a turn-based game like Empire or
Civilization. I plunked down my cash when Microprose’s Civilization
hit the shelves, and I shelled out again when Civilization II came
out. Now that I’m a Unix user, I can have all the fun of the
Civilization games again, and without paying a cent, all thanks to
a game called Freeciv….”

Freeciv is an attempt to develop a free version of
Civilization II which (in the Unix tradition) will run on numerous
computing platforms. You can think of Freeciv as a combination of
CivII and multiplayer CivII, with a few enhancements of its

“Freeciv gives you most of CivII’s features, and gives you its
own enhancements too. Freeciv supports up to 14 players over
internet or LAN. The game supports prebuilt maps and scenarios as
CivII does. You can play as any one of 44 different nations.
Freeciv gives you 47 different units to control in your rise to
world domination. All your favorites are here, from settlers and
warriors to diplomats, caravans, stealth bombers, battleships and
nukes. You can build Wonders of the World for special advantages
(my favorite is Leonardo’s Workshop, which continually upgrades
obsolete units for you). And the Freeciv AIs will really give you a
fight, even on the easy setting.”