The Register: Korean developer ports Linux to Palm

“Korean operation OSK has released what it claims is the first
version of Linux for the Palm handheld organiser. In fact, it’s not
the first — that honour must go to µCLinux but OSK’s
WindStone does appear to be the first implementation of the open
source OS’ kernel to provide PalmOS compatibility too.”

“WindStone is based on three components, the Kernel Environment,
which is actually based on µClinux, itself derived from
version 2.0 of the Linux kernel; the Graphics Environment, which
provides “a high-speed graphics engine for embedded devices”; and
the Portable Environment, which is the PalmOS binary compatibility

Right now, WindStone runs on the Palm’s Motorola Dragonball
CPU, but OSK says it plans to port the software over to Intel and
ARM processors, at which point it can begin to promote WindStone as
the basis for embedded applications.