The Register: MS Halloween author said to have left for Linux startup

“Writing on the first anniversary of the leak of the ‘Halloween’
documents, open source partisan Eric Raymond claims that the author
has recently left Microsoft to join a Linux start-up. If true the
move should make for a interesting, not to say awkward, future
career for Vinod Valloppillil – his written output a year ago was
apparently intended to help Microsoft formulate a strategy against
Linux, and it was splashed all over the press….”

If Valloppillil really has gone to a Linux company the bit
likely to cause him most embarrassment is the old ’embrace and
extinguish’ gag.
He suggested making some Microsoft components
available in order to win developer support from the open source
movement, and then using extensions to these to bind them closer to
Microsoft. The company should: “fold extended functionality into
commodity protocols/services and create new protocols.” Wouldn’t
have worked, of course, but it’d be a tricky one to explain to your
new Linux buddies, wouldn’t it?”


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