The Register: PlayStation 3 to ship 2002

“Head of Sony’s PlayStation operation Ken Kutaragi today pledged
to drive the technology behind the company’s Emotion Engine
processor line — the heart of the upcoming PlayStation 2 — way
beyond that of Intel’s Pentium family within the next six

“The next-generation of Sony’s Linux-based PlayStation
development system is due in 2002
, and it too appears
geared to tie in with the release of the second version of Emotion
Engine and PlayStation 3.
Sony is describing the system not
only as a video game development system but also as the basis for
creating real-time digital entertainment content.”

“Kutaragi reiterated Sony’s broad plan to put the PlayStation 2
at the heart of digital home entertainment systems, ultimately as
the medium through which digital music and movies are bought,
downloaded and played, so if Sony can persuade buyers that the
PlayStation 2 is more of a consumer electronics device than a
computer, again that will make upgrades seem more attractive to the