The Reviewer: Sebastian Trueg @ K3B Interview

[ Thanks to cruocitae for this link.

“Me: When did you start the K3B project? Why?

“Trueg: K3b, well here comes the main reason for me not being
among the best students… I started working on K3b in 1998,
shortly after I arrived in Freiburg, and A LOT OF TIME was spent on
K3b, at times way more than on my studies. The reason for K3b…
Well, when I came to Freiburg I had never tried a linux system and
didn’t know anything about it. A friend gave me, I think it was
SuSE 5.something. I gave it a try, but at the time I was not too
interested. Some time later I tried again, became curious to see if
I could perform all the tasks I use a computer for on a linux

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