The Semantic Desktop Wants You

“While the full potential of Nepomuk is still shrouded in
mystery for most of us, for developers it is an exciting area of
work where academic research and Free Software development come
together. Nepomuk is looking for new developers, read on to find
out how you can help!

“The KDE team working on Nepomuk aims to bring the Semantic
Desktop to KDE 4, allowing applications to share and respond
intelligently to meta data about files, contacts, web pages and
more. Let us make this short: Nepomuk is an important project for
the future KDE desktop. Its goal is to get all the information
available on the system to the user. You are receiving an email –
Nepomuk should show you information relevant to related projects or
persons or tasks. You look at images of a person – Nepomuk should
have links to other images of that person or unanswered emails or
events you met that person at. You open the video player – Nepomuk
should propose to watch the next episode in the series you are
currently watching.”


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