The Standard: Dr. Dre Gives Napster Until Friday to Delist Songs

“Rapper Dr. Dre became the latest artist to lash out at
Napster Inc., giving the song-swap software company until Friday to
take his music off its directory, which he says is infringing his

“Dr. Dre made his demands known in a letter to Napster’s acting
Chief Executive Eileen Richardson. The rapper’s action follows a
lawsuit filed last week by heavy metal band Metallica, which sued
San Mateo, Calif.-based Napster and three universities alleging
they encouraged users to trade songs and recordings without the
band’s permission.”

“‘We wrote a letter yesterday on behalf of Dr. Dre to Napster
basically putting them on notice that the listing of his songs and
masters on Napster and the facilitation of the transfer of those
files constitutes an infringement of his copyrights,’ said Howard
King, an attorney who sent the letter on behalf of Andre Young,
known as Dr. Dre.”