TheLinuxGurus.org: Terminus [Review]

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“I have long been a space flight/combat sim fan. I can remember
playing Elite on my Commodore 64 many years ago for literally days
at a time. I played Star Raiders on my Atari 2600 and of course,
more recently the entire Wing Commander series along with the
excellent sims from Lucas Arts set in the Star Wars universe and
many others along the way. It was with much excitement that I
awaited the release of Terminus from Vicarious Visions. It would be
the very first space flight/combat/adventure sim available for
Linux and I really hoped that it would live up to its hype….”

“Terminus takes place across the solar system 200 years into our
future. The colonization of the planets has just begun when human
kind discovers an alien technology that allows instaneous travel
between remote areas. The game features a real time, constantly
evolving game world. As long as you are playing, your actions and
the actions of NPCs affect the world around you, including the
economy and politics. The game is also playable online in a
massively playable RPG with no fees….”

“Terminus offers a plethora of equipment, supplies, weapons,
ships, and other amenities. This keeps the game from getting boring
too quick. You really only get to experience the full force of
Terminus while playing a non-military character. If you play a
military type your ships are chosen for you. I enjoyed Terminus the
most while playing a marauder or mercenary type. You have more
freedom as to where you go, what you do and what you can buy.
However, as stated before those career choices are also a little
harder to play and little more dangerous, but the trade off in
freedom and enjoyment is well worth it.”