TheStuff.net: Interview with Matthias Warkus – Gnome icon maintainer

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“TSN: What programs do you use to create the icons and what
method of selecting icons do you use?

“MW: I do not create icons myself. From the XCF sources that
lots of artists have included with their submissions I infer that
most of our contributors create their icons using the GIMP.”

“I select icons for integration into the GNOME CVS tree by
comparing the candidates with the artwork that already exists.
Doing this I have worked out guidelines which can be seen on the
Gnome Icons web page. I try to stick to these guidelines as closely
as possible. Being a perfectionist, I often wait weeks and months
for people to hone their icons and for additional candidates to be
submitted so I can make the best choice. Of course my personal
taste sometimes decides. But so far no one has complained.”