Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit v0.47

Matthew Franz

Trinux is a micro-Linux distribution that boots from 2-3
floppies or a FAT partition and provides a comprehensive set of
Open Source network security tools useful for monitoring and
mapping TCP/IP networks. Trinux runs entirely in RAM, transparently
converting any i386 PC with at least 16MB of memory into a powerful
network security management workstation. NICs supported by Linux
kernel 2.0.36 should be compatible and experimental support is
available for laptops/PCMCIA.

Due to its modular design, users can easily create customized
tool-sets on non-UNIX platforms simply by copying Trinux package
files to a MS-DOS formatted floppy. The ultimate goal of the Trinux
project is to provide a complete set of Open Source security
solutions for network mapping/vulnerability assessment, IDS/network
monitoring, firewalls, high performance secure web servers, and
network deception/honey pots. See the web page for formal
development objectives.

Trinux is currently maintained by less than a dozen developers
but welcomes the assistance of members of the Linux/Open
Source/security community. If you are interested in contributing to
this project send me an email after stopping by the Trinux web

Trinux is released under the terms of GPL.

Version 0.47 Features
– new: hunt, hping, apache
– updated/fixed: nmap (2.0), ntop (1.1a7), spak
– password protect the console
– save network configuration to boot floppy

Some of the utilities included in Trinux:
anger apache (1.3.3) arp bounix clog cold(1.10) dig drpcscan
firewalk hunt hping icmp_redir ipfwadm ipgrab(0.6) ipresend ipsend
iptest iptraf(1.3.0) linsniffer nat netcat neped netstat
netwatch(0.8) nfs_check nmap(2.0) nslookup ntop(1.1a7) pcmcia(3.05)
perl(5.004) ping queso rdns readsmb rpcinfo rr shlight(1.0) sed
sniffit(0.3.7) snmpget snmpset snmpwalk spak(0.6b) statnet
strobe(1.3) tcp_scan tcpdump(3.4a7) traceroute udp_scan whois

http://www.trinux.org/tools.html          (Links to tool pages)
ftp://ftp.trinux.org/pub/trinux/tools/    (Source Code)

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