Tucows Linux News: Linux on the CeBIT 2000

“Every year in the last days of February, the CeBIT is held
in Hanover, Germany. It’s the worlds biggest (Yes you heard right)
computer/technologie fair.
Of course there is also a lot of
(more or less) new Linux stuff. I went there and looked out for
everything which had a tux on it.”

“The first Linux-related exhibitor I saw was SAP. They presented
R3 for Linux and a certified version of Redhat 6.1. The R3
interface was based on QT. R3 is a software that helps to
manage/optimize businesses. They also offered me a free demo CD,
but since R3 needs at least 256 MB RAM and I only have 128, it
wouldn’t work anyway.”

“Lotus presented Domino for Linux and you could get a little
reflecting plastic tux. Corel had a gigantic presentation of Corel
Linux. The also showed Wordperfect 8.0 for Linux and had a computer
running GraphOn bridges, a remote access software for
Linux/WinNT/Unix etc..”