Ubuntu 10.10 � the release cycle in review�

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“Ubuntu 10.10 developer and Community Leader Dave
Walker reflects on Maverick Meerkat’s release cycle. Celebrating
with a 10/10/10 release date meant a compressed development period.
Many said it couldn’t (or wouldn’t) be done. They were wrong…

“Ubuntu 10.10 – the release cycle in review…As is
increasingly common, with better quality assurance (QA) / testing
than ever before – and wider adoption of the milestone and
daily snapshots pre-releases – we are able to identify more
bugs, earlier. It used to be the case that many of the rare or edge
bugs were only discovered post-release, and were then either fixed
as an SRU (Stable Release Update) or if minor, left until the next
release to implement the fix. This generally means that with each
subsequent release there is increased stability.

“When I first started with Ubuntu, it was a common thought that
until it’s released it should not run unless you are a developer.
This image has completely changed”

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