Unigine Heaven Shows What Linux Gaming Can Look Like

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for
this link. ]

“Our friends over at Unigine Corp love to push the
bounds of graphics realism in their Unigine Engine, which continues
to be one of the most advanced commercial game engines, and right
now is certainly the most advanced game engine for Linux. While
there are not many game studios actually shipping products based on
Unigine’s technology right now, Unigine Corp is known for producing
a couple technology demos and working with us on the Phoronix Test
Suite. Their Unigine Sanctuary benchmark was phenomenal, their
Unigine Tropics benchmark was even better yet and set a new Linux
OpenGL precedent, and now Unigine Heaven takes it unbelievably
further. Today Unigine Corp is finally unveiling the Linux version
of Unigine Heaven with its OpenGL 3.2 renderer. We have had our
hands on a pre-release copy of Unigine Heaven and so now we are
able to share our thoughts on this impressive benchmark / tech demo
along with performance numbers for an assortment of ATI / NVIDIA
graphics cards.

“To see the new Unigine Heaven 2.0 screenshots, check out this

“Unigine Heaven is the latest technology demo / benchmark that
shows off the latest state of the Unigine Engine, which continues
to constantly advance and has picked up many new features since the
Unigine Tropics release in 2008. Some of the features achieved by
Unigine Corp’s small development team this year included new
physics and multiplayer support, volumetric clouds, continuous
collision detection, a DirectX 11 renderer with Shader Model 5.0
for Microsoft Widnows, physical cloth effects, and then an OpenGL
3.2 renderer.”

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