UnixReview.com: Tool of the Month: The Name Game

A collection of tools: Change Suffix, Rename, and a regular
expressions wizard:

“Have you ever banged your head in frustration trying
to remember the syntax for a regular expression in sed or awk? Want
an easy way to whip up a regular expression in a Perl script? If
so, ^txt2regex$ might be just the tool for getting rid of the
regexp blues.

^txt2regex$ is a Regular Expression “wizard” that provides a set
of user-friendly menu options you can use to “build” regular
expressions for awk, grep, find, lex, lisp, MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Perl, and even VBScript. A total of 23 programs are supported, and
you can choose to build expressions for 1, 2, or all 23 programs at
the same time. Building a regular expression is as easy as choosing
an option from a text menu and entering any specific characters or
literal strings you want included in your expression.

The interface for ^txt2regex$ is a simple text-based menu. The
only system requirement for ^txt2regex$ is bash 2.04. All you need
to do is download the script or, for international support,
download the tarball with i18n files and documentation. Currently
^txt2regex$ has German, Indonesian, Polish, and Portuguese

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