Unreal Tournament Linux Client

[ Thanks to James
for this content. ]

From Unreal Tech

I’ve been spending the past 5 days or so banging out a Linux
client for UT. At this point, it is completely playable with
renderers for Glide and MesaGL. It runs very well under my Voodoo 3
3000 at 1024×768 (Redhat 6, Linux 2.2.5-15). (There is some kind of
physics bug in the flyby code that only shows up under egcs, so I
can’t do a timedemo right now. I’ll fix it later.) The client
requires X windows, libXpm, and libMesaGL. (My RedHat 6
distribution didn’t come with libXpm installed, but Jack says that
it is very common. MesaGL is only required if you are using the
MesaGL renderer. If you are using the Glide renderer, then you’ll
need libglide2x.)

The only major issue left on my todo list for the client is to
port the Galaxy sound library. That will probably take a day or two
(barring any unforseen problems). I also want to tweak my mouse
input code a bit, add some kind of support for unwrapping
exceptions caused by OS signals, and add a command line option to
allow command input from the Linux console (or xterm or

If everything goes well, then the client will be on the 2nd CD
of UT. I’ll work out some kind of install program or rpm script to
make putting it together easy. This means that the Linux hackers
can buy a copy of the game off of the store shelf and be good to
go. This isn’t guaranteed, as I have to get the sound code working
and make sure it plays and works as well as or better than the
win32 version first, but its a good possibility. This also means
that we will make a Linux UT demo available.

The Linux server is in good shape. We are looking at possibly
making a special free distribution of UT that will contain what you
need to run a server but no game content. We are also considering
giving away around a hundred copies of the gold version of UT as
soon as it comes out of duplicaton. Don’t email me or anyone else
here asking if you can get a copy, because we won’t answer. We
haven’t worked out all the details yet (but will in a few

Screenshots and more information at http://unreal.epicgames.com/