Upside: Netscape unveils powerful browser

“We believe that Netscape 6 puts the company back on the
Internet’s cutting edge,” says Jim Martin, senior vice president
and general manager at Netscape, delivering the first major news
announcement to come out of the company since its purchase by

“The heart of Netscape 6 is Gecko, an open-source technology
that gives the browser unprecedented speed and flexibility. The
browser is about half the size of previous Netscape versions,
allowing it to be downloaded faster. Web pages, graphics and tables
are also displayed much more quickly.”

“Gecko is the end result of the Mozilla project, Netscape’s
decision in January 1998 to share the source code for its Web
browser with outside developers.”

In a quick demo of Netscape 6’s features, company
executives tried to drive home the point that it, not Microsoft’s
Internet Explorer, was taking the lead in browsing