Upside: Transmeta keeps lid on details

“For those just finding out about it, Crusoe is the first
microprocessor rethought for the purposes of the mobile computer
market,” Dietzel said….”

“Those whispers grew a few moments later as Dietzel ran a live
demonstration of Long Run, one of Transmeta’s patented
code-morphing software applications designed to optimize chip power
usage. The demonstration depicted a TM3120 chip running
head-to-head against a Pentium III processor, with both processors
powering a DVD player.”

“The TM3120 showed roughly one-half the power usage of the P-III
at the start of the demo — and the power usage quickly declined to
one-fifth of the Pentium output as the TM3120 adjusted to the
heightened video demand….”

We find that the Linux operating system is the obvious
choice, because embedded devices are incredibly cost-sensitive, and
Linux is free,” he said.