USA Today: Could Linux outdo Windows?

“When Yodlee.com was looking for an operating system to power
its Web site, the company — founded by former Microsoft and Amazon
executives — bypassed Windows NT and turned instead to Linux.”

“The start-up, which aggregates and manages online accounts for
Web surfers, needed tough, reliable software that could serve up
information from a multitude of sites. And they needed it on the

The groundswell of support is nothing less than a
revolution, shaking up the software industry and posing a real
threat to Microsoft.
While Windows is in no immediate danger
of losing its dominant position, analysts predict Linux will creep
into many Internet-enabled devices and back-end systems over the
next two years….”

“Linux is certainly a competitor,” says Microsoft CEO Steve
Ballmer. “But Windows 2000 is a much more appropriate product.
Linux hasn’t scaled up very well, particularly for Internet service
providers who want to host multiple companies’ Web sites on a
single server.”