User Friendly BBS

“Michael Z.”

The guys at user friendly have gone retro…

Someone has found a software that runs an old style BBS on
Linux, and they have it up running on the web. Complete with game
doors for things like Trade wars, Lord, etc.

on a p200+ something or other, with a t1 line, and licensed for
64 lines/callers at once….

apparently, alot of folks are nostalgic for some of the old BBS
stuff, since they have acquired almost 400 users on the BBS in the
8 hours that it has been online….

for a quick link, check out:


You have to have a telnet client to actually log onto the

looks like this is going to be very popular once the word gets

this has gotten a very good reaction. Apparently alot of folks
have BBS roots, and this kinda turns them on…

very much worth checking out…

[ Ahh, Memories for a lazy Sunday afternoon. -lt ed