Video: Linus Torvalds Dives Tonight: “If I Don’t Come Back, Go On Without Me”

“Linus Torvalds just finished his soon-to-be infamous scuba dive
among the sea life in the Giant Ocean Tank at the New England
Aquarium. The tank simulates a Caribbean coral reef, but I don’t
expect Linus felt quite that tranquil given that attendees of the
Linux Kernel Summit and Linux Plumbers Conference were watching
through 52 windows as he socialized with penguins, sea turtles,
stingrays, eels, barracuda and fish.

“Linus has a reputation for doing things “just for fun,” and
tonight’s dive takes that to a whole new level and also represents
his disdain for keynotes. See why and hear his final words before
taking the plunge in the following clip that gets up close and
personal with Linus right before he goes in:”

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